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David Foster Wallace on the origin of his trademark bandana:

I started wearing bandannas in Tucson because it was a hundred degrees all the time.  When it’s really hot, I would perspire so much that I would drip on the page.  Actually, I started wearing it that year, and then it became a big help in Yaddo in ’87 because I would drip into the typewriter, and I was worried that I would get a shock.  And then I discovered that I felt better with them on.  And then I dated a woman who…said there were these various chakras, and one of the big ones was what she called the spout hole, at the very top of your cranium.  And in a lot of cultures, it was considered better to keep your head covered.  And then I began thinking about the phrase, Keeping your head together, you know? …. It’s a security blanket for me… . It makes me…feel kind of creepy that people view it as an affectation or trademark or something.  It’s more just a foible, it’s the recognition of a weakness, which is that I’m just kind of worried my head’s going to explode.

  • 12 January 2013
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